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St Augustine Sailing Team Building: Enhance Collaboration & Leadership

Join St. Augustine Sailing on the water for specifically tailored team-building adventures that take team bonding to the next level!

Learning to sail was an amazing opportunity, and we all learned so much about working together and communicating, all while having lots of fun

Unleash Team Potential with St Augustine Sailing Team Building

At St Augustine Sailing, we believe that effective teamwork is the cornerstone of success in any organization.  Our team building programs offer a unique opportunity to cultivate collaboration, communication, and leadership skills in a dynamic and inspiring setting – the open water. 

Why Choose Sailing for Team Building? 

  1. Engaging Outdoor Experience: Escape the confines of the office and step into the refreshing outdoors with our sailing team building adventures.  Sailing requires coordination, communication, and trust, making it the perfect platform for team bonding and skill development. 
  2. Promotes Collaboration & Communication: Onboard our sailboats, your team will face challenges that demand effective communication and collaboration to overcome.  From navigating the wind to coordinating maneuvers, every aspect of sailing requires teamwork, fostering stronger bonds and improved communication skills. 
  3. Builds Leadership Skills: Sailing empowers individuals to take the leadership roles and make quick, decisive decisions – vital skills in both professional and personal realms.  Our experienced instructors provide guidance on leadership styles, empowering your team members to step up and lead with confidence. 

Our Team Building Packages

Team Sailing Instruction

The team sailing instruction activity is perfect for small groups to learn new skills together including how to work cross-functionally, solve problems together, and step out of their comfort zones!

Over the course of four hours, your team boards a luxury sailing yacht for a brief introduction to sailing. The instructor begins with basic sailing concepts and terms, then each participant cycles through the various crew positions on the boat, learning each one.

Each team member has a chance to act as the helmsperson, giving commands and solving problems as they put the boat through several maneuvers. This short introduction to sailing, aboard a performance boat, gives teams the opportunity to work together and use everyone’s skills– all while having fun and taking in great scenery in the process!

Team Building Exercise and Regatta

In this exercise, your team suits up for the exhilarating opportunity to participate in a real regatta on the water! This exercise is suitable for larger groups, as teams are assigned to multiple boats for an introduction to sailing and sailboat racing.

Over the course of five hours, the instructor on each boat provides the team a brief introduction to sailing with each of the participants working the various positions on the boat. Then, the fun really begins when the boats meet up for an informal race!

Each team chooses a helmsman who works with the instructor to lead the team across the finish line

Teambuilding events can be customized to fit your group’s needs. Please call us today for details!

Benefits of St Augustine Sailing’s Team Building

  1. Strengthened Team Dynamics: Our sailing team building experiences create lasting bonds among team members, leading to improved trust, respect, and cooperation in the workplace. 
  2. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Sailing presents unpredictable challenges that require quick thinking and problem-solving. By navigating these obstacles together, you r team will sharpen their problem-solving abilities and learn to adapt to changing circumstances. 
  3. Increased Morale & Motivation: Boost team morale and motivation by providing a memorable and rewarding experience outside of the office.  Sailing fosters a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that translates into improved performance back at work. 


Book Your Sailing Team Building Experience Today! 

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NOTE: We believe that good equipment and good instructors are key to any sporting activity.  Our instructors are all licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and certified instructors through the American Sailing Association.

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