Women on the Water


St. Augustine Sailing’s WOW! Program (aka Women on the Water) is designed by women for women.  The purpose of the program is to make sailing an attainable goal for all women.  The program will run every weekend throughout the year, focusing on different topics each month, modified to fit every level of experience.  The program will over “all things sailing” and will be led by Rose Ann and Kim, which enables them to share their passion not only for sailing but for getting more women on the water as well.

S. A. I. L.

  • Support women who sail or want to learn to sail through social events.
  • Aim to organize educational sailing workshops geared toward developing confidence.
  • Involve women of all ages, and
  • Life experiences that bring a bit of adventure through sailing

Everyone’s sailing goals are different, and this program will provide a pathway to reach your goals through positive and mutual support.

Additionally, St. Augustine Sailing’s ASA school has had thousands of students learn to sail.  If certified ASA instruction is a goal we can offer these courses with a female instructor.  When booking ASA just let the office know of your preference.

Monthly Membership Fee – $25.00 

  • Membership code will be emailed to address used at time of purchase.
  • 50% off the published price for our Practical Sailor Workshops
  • Invite to special events
  • Opportunity to meet like minded females

Monthly Workshop Topics & Calendar of Events

January - Safety Workshops


  • (Level 1) Safety Equipment, Federal  Requirements
  • (Level 2) Jacklines, Harness, Tether, Inflatable PFD
  • (Level 3) VHG Radio Use
  • (Level 4) Man Overboard – Getting them back on board

February - Navigation Workshops


  • (Level 1) Charts
  • (Level 2) Navigation Aids
  • (Level 3) Navigation Tools
  • (Level 4) Basic Plotting

March - Racing | Cruising Workshops


  • (Level 1) Getting familiar with the boat
  • (Level 2) Racing Rules Basic
  • (Level 3) Racing Rules Intermediate
  • (Level 4) Racing Rules Advanced

April - Maintenance Workshops


  • (Level 1) Strainers
  • (Level 2) Oil change
  • (Level 3) Winch service
  • (Level 4) Raw water impeller
  • (Level 4) Prepare for a sail

May - Sails Workshops


  • (Level 1) Raising sails
  • (Level 2) Tacking
  • (Level 3) Gybing
  • (Level 4) Heaving to

June - Emergency Workshops


  • (Level 1) Skipper Bag
  • (Level 2) Ditch Bag
  • (Level 3) Bleeding control, Hypothermia
  • (Level 4) EPIRBS, distress calls, life rafts

July - Dinghy Workshops


  • (Level 1) Outboard motor
  • (Level 2) Dinghy trip
  • (Level 3) Dinghy launch
  • (Level 4) Dinghy on deck
  • (Level 4) Stern

August - Women on Deck Workshops


  • (Level 1) Women strength hacks for the mail sail
  • (Level 2) Women strength hacks for the jib sail
  • (Level 3) Women strength hacks for anchoring
  • (Level 4) Women strength hacks for the dinghy

September - Life On Board Workshops


  • (Level 1) What to pack to wear on a boat
  • (Level 2) Normal sounds, systems, life aboard
  • (Level 3) AC, funny sounds, dripping prop shaft, comfort
  • (Level 4) Battery life, toilet hacks, bathing, dish washing
  • (Level 4) Holding tank

October - Galley Workshops


  • (Level 1) Galley Organization
  • (Level 2) Provisioning
  • (Level 3) Baking & Cooking
  • (Level 4) Overnight Experience

November - Emergency Operation Workshops


  • (Level 1) Emergency sailing
  • (Level 2) Emergency steering
  • (Level 3) Emergency anchoring
  • (Level 4) Emergency fire fighting

December - Anchoring Workshops


  • (Level 1) Anchoring with one anchor
  • (Level 2) Anchoring with two anchors
  • (Level 3) Bahamian anchoring


With our monthly membership of $25 provides a 50% discount on all the workshops.


St Augustine Sailing offers a $500 scholarship for membership and workshops in our WOW! (aka Women on the Water) program. For more details, please email Rose Ann at [email protected]


Awards are presented to its members by member nominations quarterly (Jan – Mar / Apr – Jun / Jul – Sep / Oct – Dec)


Do you have a skill or a desire you would like to put to volunteer work? If so, we would like you to consider working with us. For more details, please email Rose Ann at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the workshops held?

The start and end location for all Practical Sailor workshops will begin at our main office location found at 3076 Harbor Drive, St Augustine Florida 32084.

There are a variety of topics throughout the year and as such some of the classes will be in classroom, while other will be on the docks or conducted on one of the vessels.

What happens if I cannot participate every Saturday?

The classes are designed to be free standing. This will allow you to select the topic based on your current knowledge level.

What ages are welcome to join?

Females of all ages are welcome to participate. Daughters are welcome to join the workshop as a participate.

Mothers know their children and the decision of their maturity level and ability to participate in the class scheduled activity is the mother’s sole responsibility.

What happens if weather doesn't allow for the scheduled workshop?

Should weather be an issue the day of the scheduled workshop, the instructor for that day will either repeat a workshop that has already been completed or conduct one of the workshop topics scheduled for the future.

Should you wish not to participant after signing up because the topic has changed, due to the weather, we will issue a gift card to be used toward another workshop, service, or merchandise.

Is there a maximum number of participants for the workshops?

The maximum number of participants are based on the topic for the week.  While some topic lend toward larger while other smaller groups.

However, we currently have two instructors. Kim Walther is the lead instructor and Rose Ann will back fill as needed based on class size for each topic.

Do you provide an avenue for guest speakers or volunteers?

Yes we do encourage other women in community to volunteer either as a guest speaker or join one of our discussion groups.  Call the office at 904-829-0648 or email [email protected] to schedule or volunteer to participate.

What if I already belong to another Women based organization?

We do partner with other Women Organizations.  Please contact their membership department to see what perks you might already have through them.

Do you partner with other female organizations that are not sailing based?

Yes, we are happy to have a conversation with any female based organization whose goals or mission align with ours.

Please call 904-829-0648 or email Rose Ann at [email protected]

Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of women through education, practical application, and access to sailing vessels to develop skills to sail with confidence.