Sail Science Adventures

Experience the Wonders of the Ocean with these Customized Sailings for Everyone to Enjoy!


Set sail on an enchanted experience to discover fascinating facts about manatees, gentle giants of the sea. Learn about their vegetarian diet, impressive size, communication skills, and gain insight into their crucial role in maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems.

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Welcome aboard our thrilling sail where you will dive into the entertaining world of dolphins. Learn intriguing facts about these intelligent creatures as your knowledgeable guide reveals their incredible communication and navigation skills, peculiar sleep patterns, and adaptations that make them among the fastest swimmers in the sea.

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Plunge into a captivating sail that unveils educational facts about turtles, their ancient origins, and incredible adaptations. Glide through serene waters as expert guides share insight into the diverse species of turtles, from the majestic leatherbacks to the tine diamondback terrapins.

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Embark on a journey through time sailing the waterways surrounding historic St Augustine. Navigate through the rivers and learn timeless tales dating back to the 1600’s, discover how the forces of nature have impacted St Augustine’s shoreline over the decades, and immerse yourself in the fascinating story of this historic coastal paradise.

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Join us on a charming sail through the enchanted waters of St Augustine, where you will be mesmerized by a spectacular display of vibrant birds species. Glide along the serene waterways, spotting graceful herons, elegant egrets, and magnificent pelicans, as they gracefully take flight amidst the scenic backdrop.

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MA, Biology
PhD, Physiology

Dr. Dale Edgar is Founder of Sail Science, LLC, a research consulting and science education organization. Dale has partnered with St Augustine Sailing for these fun and educational adventures.

St. Augustine Sailing has partnered with Dr. Dale Edgar to make these fun and educational sail science excursion available for the adventurous and the curious.