Sailing with SailTime Northeast Florida Membership

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SailTime is the easiest way to sail in Northeast Florida – you get guaranteed access to a new yacht on a boating schedule that you design. Whether you want to sail for a half day, a full day, a weekend or a full week, a SailTime Membership is the least expensive way to get sailing in a new yacht.  When you join SailTime, you can enjoy being on the water with your family and friends with no marina fees, bank payments, maintenance costs, cleaning or insurance fees. Enjoy sailing in Northeast Florida for a lot less money on our professionally managed fleet!

With SailTime, sailing a new sailboat in your local waters can be a reality. SailTime’s local base will take care of the monthly expenses including marina fees, insurance, and routine maintenance. Additionally, you’ll still get to sail virtually as often as you want, when you want, using the flexibility of our online Scheduler.

Our location in St. Augustine’s premier marina, Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, provides immediate access to both the Intra-Coastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean with the historic city right at the heart of it all! Our members enjoy all the marina amenities such as clean facilities, pool and three eateries in the harbor. Spending time in town often includes a walk through the quaint shops downtown St. Augustine, visiting the many attractions in the area, and enjoying the numerous restaurant choices.

We welcome your inquiries about sailing with us!

SailTime Northeast Florida

It’s the newest trend on the water – Boat Sharing! And the local company is giving a taste of luxury yachting without that hefty price.

Cost sharing, boat sharing, ride sharing is all kinda the new thing.

It’s the cost and the time that it takes to maintain a boat that really keeps most of us back on shore.  Well, that ‘s where this company SAILTIME comes in.

Boat sharing it’s been called the newest trend on the water, and it’s part of a number of emerging business in what’s known as a sharing economy.

We are not going to put you on our biggest boat if you have never been out.  We will start you out small and help you progress along the way.

It’s a lot like a gym membership except with SAILTIME you get your own brand new sailboat.

So you do not have to be really experience to do this, and you don’t have worry.  So all the stuff that makes owning a boat a total headache they have sorta removed from the equation.

So San Francisco, Los Angles, the Great Lakes, Chesapeake, Florida you name it there’s a SAILTIME base there.

What we are talking about is living a luxurious life style without the hefty price tag.

So no slip fee, no insurance costs, no maintenance, to loan payments, just one monthly membership fee to the boat.

Shall we take this baby out for a ride?  Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it.

So how about sharing a boat.  We set sail with a company selling that concept in Tampa Bay.  So we teach it, we hold your hand through the whole learning process with the goal to get you out on the water with your friends and family making memories kinda like what we are doing this morning.

You come, you use the boat for your certain allotted time, and then you go home.

It makes you feel like you own a brand new boat.  Easiest way to do it! It gets you on the water and if you don’t know how we can teach you.

It’s just like driving a 45-foot yacht, right? Exactly like driving a 45-foot yacht.

First thing you need to know is where is the wind is coming from.

Our whole passion behind getting into this business was to bring families into the boating atmosphere. Because we find that family times spent on a boat are memories that last for ever.

This is amazing out here…so you know it’s 8 – 10 knots and 65 degrees, and  it’s kinda why we live in North Carolina. This is really good sailing.

Kevin says with SAILTIME members learn how to handle every situation on the water.  And with a beautiful boat at his beckon sailing is a breeze.

Really nice today..may just keep going…you guys might need to call the office.

You forget about the rest of the world, and you are just out there between you and the wind and the water.

Oh yes…. this is the life right here… how peaceful.