Team building can be a wonderful tool for your organization, but if it’s not done right, it can go oh so wrong. Internet message boards are full of stories of team-building horror stories. They were boring, ineffective or a waste of time; worst case scenario, it makes things worse. Done correctly, team building can bring your staff together, improve communication and foster trust. Let our crew show you the ropes and deliver team-building experiences you will never forget!


Sailing is the perfect activity for team building. The sport requires individuals to work together to get the boat where it needs to be – egos need to be put aside, there needs to be a clear leader and everyone needs to pull their weight. The skills needed to operate a vessel are the same ones that help an organization be effective. Both require clear communication, trustworthy leadership, strategic planning, problem-solving and quick responses. We use our luxury yachts as a platform for developing and refining those skills. It’s also really, really fun!

Vitis Energy Themed Team building event


This isn’t our first rodeo…or sail. We’ve been in the business for years and have wowed various organizations with our thoughtful and effective team-building programs. We’ve been fortunate to host organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Bacardi, the Wounded Warrior Project and the University of Florida. The University Of Florida’s Heavener School Of Business said, “Learning to sail was an amazing opportunity, and we all learned so much about working together and communicating, all while having lots of fun.”


No experience is needed to book one of our team-building charters. Our crew of professional captains and instructors are masters at sail instruction with decades of experience under their belts. Our instructors are all licensed by the United States Coast Guard and certified sailing instructors through the American Sailing Association. Your instructor will go over the basics of sailing: terminology, concepts, theory and the different crew positions on board. Then, they’ll work with each participant, getting hands-on practice at each crew position.

We off various team-building experience, depending on your team’s size, budget and goals.

Team building with Bacardi - Saint Augustine Sailing
Team Building Event with Bacardi
Team Building Sailing Regatta
Team Building Event with A La Mer in the lead
Team Building Event with Barcadi Rum on A La Mer
Team building with Bacardi - on the bow


Our half-day experience is perfect for smaller teams. Departing in the morning or afternoon, the day starts with a meeting on-shore. Our instructors will go over the program, lay out some goals and cover sailing basics and terminology. Team members will have time on the boat dockside to get acquainted with the vessel and learn how to handle the sails. Then we sail! Your instructor will provide practical experience, with each person rotating through all of the crew positions, including the helmsperson. Everyone will end up taking orders from everyone else. We’ll discuss strategic and tactical planning as it relates to sailboat racing. The sailing continues with races and situations designed to test your team’s skills.


Designed for larger groups, the eight-hour program is an exhilarating opportunity involving multiple boats and instructors. We’ll divide your team into smaller crews and assign them to a boat. The instructors will review sailing basics and introduce each crew to their vessel. Teams will get out on the water and practice sailing maneuvers, working the deck and strategic planning. We’ll return to land for lunch on our patio, and then the real fun starts! Teams will choose a helmsperson and rally their team to compete in informal races and challenges where the boats all compete against each other.


Awards presentations can be arranged for both Sail-Race Regatta programs. It’s a fun and engaging way to end an amazing day! Don’t worry about your crew leaving empty-handed. Each participant will get a personalized certificate, logbook and certificates for future sailing certification courses with St. Augustine Sailing.

Texas 635 Team Building Event
Texas 635 Team Building Event
Texas 635 Team Building Event


Check out our add-ons that will be the cherry on the top of your team-building day. Our dedicated staff can arrange team apparel, like hats, t-shirts, or polos, corporate or team burgees, sailing gloves, meals and snacks, trophies and awards and accommodations ashore. We can also help preserve the awesome memories you’ll form with our photography and videography services.


We love a good custom trip! If you like what you’re reading but you want to add a little something of your own, we’d love to hear about it and make it happen. Our booking specialists are experts at crafting an experience that is tailor-made for your group and will fit your needs to the tee.

Vitis Energy Themed Team building event
Vitis Energy Themed Team building event
Vitis Energy Themed Team building event
Vitis Energy Themed Team building event


We offer many other experiences for organizations and companies looking to embrace a life at sea. Our group sails are a beautiful venue for a relaxed meeting or entertaining clients. Perhaps you’re already planning a meeting or convention in one of St. Augustine’s many resorts or meeting spaces – let us entertain your guests during their breaks or after a long, indoor meeting. Our office staff can also work with you to create an incentive program for your staff. Reward their superior performance with gift certificates for a sail on one of our luxury sailing yachts.


Are you? If this sounds right up your organization’s alley, we’d love to chat about it. You can learn more by calling our office at 904-829-0648, submitting an inquiry or visiting our Team Building page.