Sailing can be relaxing, adventurous and thrilling. It can be a point of pride, an act of achievement when you learn how to master a boat among the waves. Sailing represents self-sufficiency, freedom and even simplicity. For the family who owns and operates St. Augustine Sailing, it’s their way of life, one that daughter Toste Muniz says she feels privileged to be able to share with others.

Toste, pronounced like “pasta with a T” she says, grew up with her family on a 41′ Morgan Out-Island Ketch in the Florida Keys. Her mother, Rose Ann, as well as her brothers, Derk and Lance, are all a part of the family business. Toste handles all forward-facing customer service needs and creates customized sailing experiences. With Toste as the very first friendly face you encounter, it’s no wonder her family’s company has a reputation for providing top-tier customer service. “Understanding the sea and life around it gives authenticity to my passion for helping our customers,” Toste explains. “It’s an honor to be able to share the magic of sailing with our guests and help create lifelong memories for them.”


And that’s exactly what she does. Toste greets customers at the front desk, plans celebrations on their charters, assists in yacht sales and helps students taking lessons. “The feeling I get from helping my customers all depends on what I was able to help with. If I help pull off the perfect surprise proposal, I feel excited. If I help find the perfect boat, I feel accomplished. If I help a student find their confidence to take a sailing lesson, I feel encouraged,” she explains. “At the end of the day, it all feels very rewarding to be able to help my customers in the exact way they need.”

How Toste treats her clients is very important, she says, because for most, it is an introduction to sailing for the very first time. “Some may be apprehensive, not knowing what to expect and it’s important to me that our guests know that we are here for them,” she explains. “No matter how many questions or concerns they may have, it’s important that they feel welcome to give me a call, stop by or drop an email as many times as they need until they feel fully informed – it’s all about making them feel like extended family.”


Toste and her family know that working for a family-run company affects the family and the level of customer service, and she says in a positive way. “With a family-run company, each of our guests encounters an employee that loves and believes that what they are doing makes a difference,” she explains. “For any problems or hiccups that arise, the advantage of a family-run company is that big decisions and changes can be made quickly. Everyone in our company is committed to our guests getting the best experience possible, and we all take pride in the parts we each play.”


Toste’s focus is on providing the utmost best to their customers by valuing them and assisting them with their needs each and every day. Listening being the most important service she can provide. “Customer feedback is essential and is always welcomed,” she says. “Without it, we would not know what changes or improvements we need to make, or what the most enjoyable part of a guest experience was.” Her biggest challenge however, may not be what you think. “Oh it’s definitely the weather!” she laughs. “It’s disappointing when fog, storms or high winds put a damper on our guest’s plans. But we do our best to reschedule and accommodate for sunnier days.”


If you’re looking for the perfect sailing experience, allow Toste to take the helm. She prides herself on creating custom experiences for elopements, engagements, weddings and anniversaries – even team building exercises and overnight stays. “What I love most about my role with St. Augustine Sailing is the people I get to meet each day. Building relationships with our customers and getting to help set up special outings is very rewarding,” Toste shares. “The knowledge of knowing the impact our sailing adventures bring to people’s lives, along with my own personal commitment of wanting others to experience the joy sailing brings, are what motivates me daily to provide exceptional customer service to our guests.”

Come sail away with St. Augustine Sailing, and let Toste plan your next dream on the water. Contact her at 904-829-0648 or [email protected].


Toste is St Augustine Sailing main point of contact as she handles all forward facing customer service requests.  She oversee all the sailing experiences and would love to help you customize the perfect sailing experience for your group. She said her favorite part about working with St Augustine Sailing is the opportunity in creating …