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Science and biology meet sailing in the newest offering from St. Augustine Sailing. Sail Science adventures offers guests a chance to set sail with resident professor, Dr. Dale Edgar, and learn about a variety of topics, including the local wildlife, geology, and history. A gifted storyteller and an experienced sailor, a voyage with Dr. Edgar is a truly unique and immersive experience, perfect for a variety of ages.

“I’m passionate about exploring the wonders of nature and being able to do that on a sailboat is the best of all worlds for me,” grins Dr. Dale, as he’s known on the docks. “Having these two parts of my life coming together, science and sailing, it’s really the intersection of everything I am, as a scientist, a nature-lover, an adventurer, an explorer – well, all scientists are explorers. And now I get to take others out exploring with me!”

Dr. Edgar received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biology at San Jose State University and his doctorate in physiology at the University of California. After a career as an internationally-recognized scientist and inventor, he retired in 2023, founding Sail Science, LLC, a small business fostering sailing and wildlife education in partnership with St. Augustine Sailing. Sail Science offers five engaging experiences. Learn all about the local wildlife in St. Augustine with sails focused on the area’s more notable species: Manatee Magic, Dolphin Delight, Turtle Trivia, and Birds by the Bay. Passengers may also choose Ancient Rocks & Timeless Tales, a fascinating look into the history of our ancient harbor city. Each excursion is two-hours long and guests will set sail on one of St. Augustine Sailing’s luxury sailing yachts. Sail Science adventures may be booked here.


“What I love about these trips is that they aren’t a canned tour with someone reading off a script and a list of facts,” says Dr. Edgar. “Each sail is different, with each passenger coming aboard with their own interests and questions. The conversation is interesting and educational, but it’s organic. And it’s interactive! While we’re talking about birds, we’re watching them soar above the mainsail. I’m explaining echolocation to a child as they keep an eye on the bow for dolphins. It’s science and biology in action and what could be more fascinating?”

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