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Is there a better time to be out on the water than during our WOW summer schedule? Nope, trust us, we know! The ocean loses the dark winter hue and turns glass-bottle-blue and crystal-clear. Dolphins, turtles, rays and manatees pop up out of every bend. The weather is warm, and the breezes carry our luxury yachts through the water. You just want to be out on a boat. And we want to see more women at the helm of these boats! There’s no better place to hone or learn the art of boat handling than with St. Augustine Sailing. We have experienced female instructors that can help you level up your game or get out on the water for the first time.


Women on Water! or WOW! is a hands-on instructional program designed by women for women to make sailing an attainable goal. “Sailing is an amazing sport, especially for women,” says Rose Ann Points, owner and instructor. “Mentally, it builds confidence. It hits a lot of skills, like math, logic and reasoning. Physically, well, it’s one of the best full-body workouts around. Just standing on the deck of a moving vessel engages the core like you wouldn’t believe during our summer schedule. And the emotions you feel while sailing, they’re absolutely indescribable.

St Augustine Sailing - Women on the Water - Regatta - Ladybug Race - Empowering women - Things to do in St Augustine
St Augustine Sailing - Women on the Water - Regatta - Ladybug Race - Empowering women - Things to do in St Augustine
St Augustine Sailing - Women on the Water - Regatta - Ladybug Race - Empowering women - Things to do in St Augustine
St Augustine Sailing - Women on the Water - Regatta - Ladybug Race - Empowering women - Things to do in St Augustine


The WOW! program is designed to be flexible and fit every woman’s sailing journey. The program runs throughout the year, each month focusing on a different topic. The topics are modified to fit every level of experience, so everyone from novices to experienced sailors is welcome to join. You can expect to see women of all ages and abilities in our workshops. The classes are designed to be free-standing – you can start during this summer schedule and you won’t feel like you’ve missed a thing! Classes are held each Saturday, from 9am to 11am. A monthly WOW! membership is only $25 and  50% off the published price for our Practical Sailor Workshops (four to five, depending upon the number of Saturdays in the month), and includes invites to special events . And, of course, the chance to spend time with women who have the same interests as you.


Our summer schedule begins in July, which has five sessions covering everything you need to know about dinghies. For cruisers, a dinghy is your transportation between your vessel while at anchorage and the dock. Week 1 covers outboard motors, the small machines that provide propulsion; Week 2 covers how to take a trip in your dinghy; Week 3 will show you how to launch your dinghy; you will need to bring your dinghy with you on excursions – Week 4 covers stowing it on deck while Week 5 will teach you how to tow it from the stern.

St Augustine Sailing - Workshops - Ladybug Race - Dinghy - Learn to sail


St Augustine Sailing - Women on the water - Learn to sail - Empowering women - Things to do in St Augustine

“As mentioned earlier, sailing is a full-body workout,” reminds Rose Ann. “We’ll get our bodies moving in August as we cover strength tips and techniques for different types of deck work. Women’s bodies are different than men’s, so you must learn how to do these things using your individual strengths. Weeks 1 and 2 will focus on the critical task of raising sails. Week 3 is a real workout, when we’ll talk about anchoring. And in Week 4 we’ll revisit the dinghies from July and give some strength hacks for dealing with them.”

St Augustine Sailing - Learn to sail - ASA Lessons - Ropes - Learn the ropes


September really gets down to the nuts and bolts of what it’s like to live onboard a boat. It’s so vastly different from life on land that the unknown can be a bit intimidating. Rose Ann and Kim will demystify life at sea. Week 1 covers the basics of your wardrobe. “If you have a walk-in closet, lucky!” laughs Rose Ann. “But realistically, you’ll need to pack smart.” All boats talk, meaning they make creaks and groans, halyards slap masts and more. Week 2 will go over the normal sounds and systems you can expect on board. How about the not-so-normal sounds? That’s for Week 3, where you’ll learn the most common not-common sounds, as well as creature comforts. Week 4 will cover batteries and how to keep you, your supplies and your boat clean. The month finishes off with the delicate matter of the boat’s holding tank, the enclosed space that holds human waste.



Sailing is the perfect summer hobby, and we are ready to show you how fun and easy it is to embrace. And you never know, your new best friend or sailing buddy could be waiting for you in one of our classes! If you or any of the women in your life are ready to embrace the world of salt, sea and sailing, visit our WOW! page for information on classes, future topics and more. To learn more about our instructors, visit our crew pages for Rose Ann Points and Kim Walther. We can’t wait to see you out on the water!