Setting sail on the beautiful waterways of St Augustine is an adventure like no other, with the best views of iconic historic landmarks like the Castillo de San Marco, Bridge of Lions and St Augustine Lighthouse.  The fresh ocean breeze creates a relaxing and entrancing experience, and the edible delights offered onboard make it an even more memorable and luxurious one.

Whether it’s a morning brunch sail or an intimate sunset picnic, the culinary offerings are gourmet, indulgent and impeccably-curated.  Our culinary sailing experiences created by the self-described foodie, Amberle Burkin, will wow you and your guests. The menu can be tailored to your taste buds, made dairy or gluten free and even accommodate any restrictions or preferences.


“I have a passion for food,” shares Amberle, Food Curator at St Augustine Sailing, and also lovingly known as ‘Charcuterie Lady’ by guests and ‘The One Who Makes Everyone Lunch” by family and staff.  “Making sure no one is ever hungry is very important to me. And if I can share my love for humanity through a meal, then I can give someone hope when they don’t have any”

Amberle is part of the family business, married to Lance Burkin , the Fleet & Operations Manager for St Augustine Sailing.  Lance’s mother, Rose Ann, and her husband, Chuck, as well as Lance’s brother, Derk, and sister, Toste, and her husband, Pablo, are all a part of the business!

Amberle beams as she shares, “The love is my absolute favorite aspect of working with family! I take immense pride in the work we accomplish at St Augustine Sailing. While anyone can take you out on a boat, what sets us apart is the welcoming embrace from our family, captains, and even the dock hands. Add to that our fleet of luxury sailing yachts in pristine condition, and the charcuterie boards crafted with top-quality ingredients – it creates unparalleled culinary sailing experiences.”

Amberle Burkin creates culinary sailing experiences

With her passion for food and attention to detail, Amberle is a key component to St Augustine Sailing’s 5-star experience. Come aboard and let Amberle’s delicious edible masterpieces create the most dreaming escape on the water.


culinary sailing experiences

The extensive menu of options include lush charcuterie boards, brunch boxes shrimp cocktail and ceviche, or whatever your heart desires. We do our best to please your palate. ” My favorite item to prepare for our guests are the brunch boxes. They’re so beautiful with all the different colors and textures of food.” Amberle says. A shared brunch experience features a two-hour sail on a 35′ luxury sailing yacht, and includes a mimosa and Amberle’s thoughtfully-selected brunch items in a keepsake epicurean box. Although it is a shared experience, each sailor gets their own individual items to enjoy,” she says

culinary sailing experiences

Amberle’s daughter, Nixie, maker her own charcuterie board for lunch.


St Augustine Sailing also offers perfectly-paired beverage, maintaining an extensive drink list. “Our craft beers are as local as we can get, with the majority brewed right here in St Augustine and Jacksonville.  We love supporting our local artisans.” says Amberle.  She stocks popular domestic and imported brews as well, canned cocktails, wine as well as some bubbly.



My favorite part of the job is seeing our guests really enjoy what I have prepared.  I love reading the reviews especially when they say how much they enjoyed the food.  Knowing they took time, relaxed and enjoyed themselves, having delicious food and libation makes the whole experience that much better and puts a huge smile on my face.”

culinary sailing experiences