Captain / Instructor / WOW Director

Lauren Schroeder

Embark on the captivating sailing journey of Lauren Schroeder, where her love for sailing unfolded amidst the historic charm of St. Augustine. As a Flagler student, Lauren’s introduction to the world of sailing took root while working on the Schooner Freedom, setting the stage for a transformative chapter in her life.

Post-Flagler, Lauren ventured beyond borders, finding herself on a National Geographic boat in Central America. This eye-opening experience illuminated the vast travel opportunities the boating world offered. Undeterred by the unknown, Lauren’s maritime adventures led her to the untamed waters of Alaska before serendipitously landing on the shores of Maui in 2021.

It was amidst the Pacific waves that Lauren’s passion for sailing truly blossomed. Crewing on noteworthy vessels, including a 50 ft. Santa Cruz and a majestic 57 ft. Columbia, Lauren spent her weekends racing on a nimble 24 ft. Melges. Sailing seamlessly intertwined with her life, becoming a source of unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

However, fate took an unexpected turn during a delivery from Maui to San Francisco. While at sea, news arrived that her beloved town of Lahaina, along with her job, had succumbed to flames. In the face of adversity, Lauren displayed unwavering resilience. Returning to Maui, she decided to chart a new course, obtaining her 100-ton captain’s license and sailing endorsement.

Back in St. Augustine, where her sailing journey began, Lauren discovered St. Augustine Sailing—a vibrant hub for sailing enthusiasts. Overflowing with excitement, Lauren embraced this new chapter with open arms. Now, as a captain, she is eager to share her wealth of knowledge and passion, particularly with fellow women, illuminating the incredible world of sailing. Lauren Schroeder invites you to join her on a voyage filled with joy, freedom, and the awe-inspiring sailing adventures that define the sailor’s spirit.

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