1997 Beneteau 461 – “Layla”




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LAYLA – This 1997 Beneteau 461 – 3 Cabin / 2 Head, designed by Bruce Farr & Armel Briand, offers more than two decades of offshore experience.

Having gracefully crossed the Atlantic multiple times, this vessel boasts a proven track record in long-distance sailing.

Although over 20 years old, its journey includes a 5-year stint in Turkey before returning to St Augustine, FL.

The boat has been meticulously prepared for offshore adventures, equipped with a Masthead Sloop rigging featuring an installed interstay and furling sail. Standing tall at 59.06 ft/18 m, the mast ensures stability in various conditions. 

Ideal for sailors seeking a well-traveled companion, this Beneteau 461 comes fully equipped for extended journeys and is accompanied by an excellent selection of extra sails, and an extensive collection of spare parts, ready to embark on new adventures with its next owner.



  • Vulcan (25kg) Main Anchor
  • Fortress (?) Backup Anchor
  • Bruce (?) Backup Anchor
  • 300ft (/) BBB Chain
  • Spare Rode & Chain

Lewmar (?) Electric Windlass



  • All Above Deck S/S Rigging and Lifelines Replaced,
  • Chainplates Inspected in March 2018 for Atlantic Crossing and Mediterranean Cruising and Professionally Re-Inspected again in May 2023 for the Return Crossing


  • Two Spreader Mast with In-Mast Furling as well as Set Up for Non-Furling Mainsail (As an option, sail plan can include non-furling mainsail for the cost of shipping


  • Baby Stay has a Pelican Hook Arrangement for Gybing the Spinnaker Pole
  • Spinnaker Pole and All Sheet and Guys as well as Block and Tackle for Spinnaker Handling


  • Two Additional Pairs of Winches have been added:
    • A Pair of Primaries (Lewmar 65) in front of the stock primaries,
    • A Pair of cabin top Lewmar winches in addition to the stock pair

1997 Benteau 461 – Galley – Situated  along the port hull just ahead of the day head, the galley is designed for efficient and enjoyable meal preparation at sea.

The centerpiece is a reliable Force 10 – 3 burner stove, over and broiler, ensuring versatility in cooking.

Furthermore, a Oster microwave provides additional cooking needs under AC power.

The galley provides a double stainless steel sink and the convenience of hot and cold water from an 11-gallon water heater, making culinary tasks a breeze.

A top-loading Adler-Barber Refrigerator/Freezer ensures that perishables stay fresh during extended voyages and provides ample space.

The galley is fully stocked with stainless steel cookware, dinnerware, silverware, and other essentials, ensuring a seamless transition for those who appreciate the comforts of home.

Additionally, a large trash receptacle adds to the practicality of the galley space, making it a well-thought-out and functional area for preparing meals onboard.


**Impressive Sail Plan for Ultimate Versatility:**

1997 Beneteau 461 – Layla’s sail plan is nothing short of spectacular, providing versatility and performance for both seasoned sailors and those seeking a thrilling seafaring experience.

The array of sails includes an Asymmetrical Cruising Spinnaker with Scoop, perfect for cruising in various wind conditions.

Complementing this, two Tri-Radial Spinnakers—one new and one older—offer options for optimizing speed and handling.

The sail configuration is further enhanced by the presence of an Interstay with furling sail, ensuring adaptability to changing winds.

The Roller Furler Headsail (140%) and a new Roller Furler Headsail (North – 155%) contribute to the vessel’s efficiency under various points of sail.

A highlight of Layla’s sail inventory is the brand-new In-Mast Furling Mainsail made in the UK, showcasing the latest in sail technology for ease of handling.

For those who prefer a non-furling mainsail experience, an optional mainsail is available for the cost of shipping, currently stored in Turkey. This comprehensive sail plan ensures that Layla is well-equipped for any sailing adventure, promising an exhilarating and tailored experience on the open seas.


**Powerful Propulsion for Seamless Cruising:**

Layla is propelled by a robust and upgraded Perkins MT80 80hp Turbo Diesel Engine, ensuring reliable power for both leisurely cruising and efficient passages. Paired with a Hurth Transmission featuring an upgraded stainless-steel cooling system, the engine is optimized for durability and performance, even in demanding conditions. Approximately 4000 miles on it.

Crowning the propulsion system is a Max Prop 4-Bladed Feathering Propeller, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize drag, providing excellent control and fuel efficiency. The feathering design adapts to changing sailing conditions, enhancing the vessel’s overall sailing performance.

Maintaining the engine’s integrity, Layla is equipped with a new dripless stuffing box, minimizing maintenance concerns and ensuring a dry and secure engine compartment. Accessibility is prioritized with easy entry to the engine compartment via removable side panels and lifting companionway steps, streamlining any necessary maintenance tasks.

With Layla’s upgraded propulsion system, sailors can confidently begin an extended voyage, knowing that the vessel is equipped with a reliable and efficient engine, ready to navigate diverse waters with ease.


**Efficient Power Management for Sustainable Cruising:**

Layla is equipped with a comprehensive and eco-friendly power system, emphasizing sustainability and self-sufficiency during voyages. Three solar panels, strategically mounted on a custom stainless-steel radar arch, harness the sun’s energy to charge the service batteries. To ensure optimal charging, two separate regulators meticulously manage the solar input, maximizing efficiency.

Adding to the vessel’s power autonomy, Layla features a Heart Interface Inverter for converting stored power into usable AC electricity. Complementing this, two battery chargers operate separately for the service batteries and the starting battery, offering flexibility in energy distribution.

The power infrastructure includes two USA 110VAC shore power connections, catering to different onboard needs. One connection powers the three air conditioning units, ensuring comfort during warmer climates. The second connection handles all other electrical requirements, incorporating a Charles Industries 38kvalSO isolation transformer for safe and efficient power distribution.

Layla is outfitted with two service batteries and one starting battery, providing ample power for extended journeys. Additionally, the inclusion of identical isolation transformers for the air conditioning units, compatible with both 50 and 60 cycle power, showcases Layla’s adaptability to various electrical systems worldwide. This thoughtfully designed power management system ensures that Layla is not only a capable sailing vessel but also an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient cruiser.


**Convenient Water Amenities and Emergency Preparedness:**

Layla is well-appointed to meet the water needs of its crew, featuring hot and cold water amenities strategically placed throughout the vessel. The galley is equipped for culinary tasks with hot and cold water, ensuring convenience during meal preparation. Additionally, both heads and the cockpit are fitted with this feature, enhancing comfort and hygiene for all on board.

For those seeking extended journeys or off-the-grid adventures, Layla is equipped with a Power Survivor 35 water maker. This reliable system can produce 2.5 gallons of water per hour, providing a sustainable source of fresh water even in remote locations. A notable feature is its portability, allowing for quick removal to take along in a ditch bag for emergency situations. Furthermore, the water maker is designed for conversion to manual operation in case of emergencies, showcasing Layla’s commitment to preparedness and safety at sea. With these water-centric features, Layla is prepared to offer a comfortable and self-sufficient experience for extended cruising.


**Safety and Emergency Preparedness at Sea:**

Layla is equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features, ensuring the well-being of its crew in various maritime scenarios. The vessel is outfitted with a Parachute Sea Anchor, accompanied by a sturdy rode and chain for weight distribution. This crucial equipment enhances stability and control during challenging sea conditions.

In addition, Layla is equipped with a Delta Drogue, complemented by its dedicated rode. This drogue system is invaluable for controlling the vessel’s speed and direction, particularly in heavy weather or stormy seas.

Safety at sea is a top priority, and Layla includes an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) for quick and effective distress signaling in case of emergencies. The vessel further features a 6-person life raft; while it requires inspection, it stands ready to serve as a vital means of evacuation if needed (replacement may be necessary).

Layla is prepared for unforeseen challenges with a Scanstrut Stainless Steel External Bolt-on Emergency Rudder, providing an additional means of steering in case of rudder failure.

Water self-sufficiency is addressed with the Power Survivor 35 Water Maker, producing 2.5 gallons of water per hour. This system is not only efficient but is also removable for portability in emergencies, and it can be manually operated if needed.

To further enhance emergency response capabilities, Layla is equipped with a Ditch Bag containing assorted equipment. This bag is a crucial resource in situations where rapid evacuation or emergency preparedness is required. With these safety features, Layla is not just a vessel for exploration but a reliable companion that prioritizes the security and preparedness of its crew.


**State-of-the-Art Navigation and Communication Systems:**

Layla is equipped with an advanced suite of Raymarine electronics, ensuring precision navigation and effective communication while cruising the open waters. The vessel boasts a Raymarine Radar, providing a clear and comprehensive view of the surroundings for enhanced safety and situational awareness.

For increased visibility and vessel tracking, Layla features a Raymarine AIS 650, a Class B Transponder that enables effective communication with other vessels in the vicinity. This transponder enhances navigational safety by broadcasting important information about Layla’s position and status.

The Raymarine DSM300, a multifunctional device, combines fishfinder, depth sounder, and speed log functionalities, offering valuable data for both navigation and fishing enthusiasts. Layla’s navigational capabilities are further strengthened by the Raymarine Wind Direction/Speed system, providing real-time information crucial for efficient sailing.

Autonomous navigation is facilitated by the Raymarine S3G Autohelm, equipped with a spare rotary motor and computer for added reliability. The vessel’s navigation station is anchored by the Raymarine C120 Nav Station/Display, ensuring a centralized hub for critical navigation data. A supplementary Raymarine Multifunction Display at the navigation station enhances the versatility of the onboard systems.

Communication is a priority on Layla, with a VHF radio complete with a masthead antenna located at the navigation station. For added flexibility, the vessel includes two extra handheld VHF radios with chargers, providing convenient and portable communication options.

In addition to these advanced systems, Layla has one of the twin backstays equipped with insulators, enabling its use as an SSB or amateur radio long wire antenna. This feature adds versatility to Layla’s communication capabilities, making it an ideal vessel for those with specific radio communication needs.

**Forward-Facing Navigation Station for Intuitive Control:**

Layla features a thoughtfully designed forward-facing navigation station, offering a strategic vantage point for the helmsperson or navigator to maintain full control and visibility while underway. Placed at the forefront of the vessel, this navigation station optimizes safety and efficiency by providing an unobstructed view of the surroundings, allowing for quick assessments and precise maneuvering.

The forward-facing setup is enhanced by a Raymarine C120 Nav Station/Display, ensuring easy access to critical navigation data. This multifunctional display serves as a comprehensive hub for charts, radar information, and other essential data, fostering an intuitive and centralized approach to navigation.

With the navigation station strategically positioned forward, the helmsperson can seamlessly interact with the vessel’s advanced electronics, including the Raymarine Radar, AIS 650, DSM300, and Wind Direction/Speed systems. This layout not only maximizes operational efficiency but also reinforces a strong connection between the navigator and the vessel’s surroundings, promoting a secure and confident sailing experience.

Incorporating a forward-facing navigation station on Layla underscores the commitment to user-friendly design, ensuring that navigating the open waters is not only technologically advanced but also a straightforward and enjoyable aspect of the overall sailing experience.


Layla provides onboard entertainment with a television and stereo system, catering to the comfort and enjoyment of its crew. The television offers a source of visual entertainment, allowing occupants to unwind and relax during downtime. Whether at anchor or docked, the TV provides a welcomed diversion.

The stereo system onboard Layla enhances the ambiance with quality audio. Whether enjoying music, podcasts, or radio, the stereo adds a layer of entertainment to the living spaces. The vessel’s design ensures that both the television and stereo contribute to a well-rounded onboard experience, making Layla not just a capable sailing vessel but also a comfortable and enjoyable retreat on the water.


Layla features a forward master cabin, designed for comfort and relaxation during your sailing adventures. This private retreat is thoughtfully arranged with an en-suite bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy for the occupants.

The master cabin on Layla is adorned with seating on both the port and starboard sides, creating a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. These seating areas provide not only comfortable spots for contemplation but also add to the overall elegance of the cabin. The thoughtful layout ensures that the master cabin is not just a sleeping space but a versatile and well-appointed area for occupants to unwind and enjoy moments of tranquility.

With an en-suite bathroom and carefully designed seating areas, Layla’s forward master cabin epitomizes the vessel’s commitment to providing a comfortable onboard experience.


Layla’s main cabin is a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort, featuring a well-designed layout that caters to both socializing and relaxation. On the starboard side, there is a spacious seating and dining area, creating a central hub for gathering, sharing meals, and enjoying the company of fellow sailors. This area is crafted with an eye for comfort, fostering a cozy atmosphere for conversation and communal activities.

Adjacent to the dining area, on the port side, Layla’s galley is efficiently laid out, providing easy access to the refrigerator. This setup ensures a seamless flow between meal preparation and dining, enhancing the overall convenience and functionality of the main cabin.

The sleeping quarters are equally well-appointed, with two identical aft cabins and a forward stateroom. Each cabin is thoughtfully equipped with lockers and storage space, allowing for the organized stowage of personal belongings. The design emphasizes ease of access to both sides of the engine and transmission, facilitating maintenance tasks and ensuring a practical use of space.

Layla’s main cabin is a testament to the vessel’s commitment to providing a balanced and enjoyable living space, whether you’re entertaining guests, sharing a meal, or enjoying a restful night’s sleep.


Layla’s master head, conveniently en-suite to the starboard side of the forward master cabin, offers a private and well-appointed space for personal care. This dedicated bathroom enhances the comfort and convenience of the master cabin occupants.

Featuring a shower, the master head provides a refreshing and relaxing experience, ensuring that occupants can unwind and rejuvenate after a day of sailing. The thoughtful placement of the en-suite bathroom within the master cabin enhances privacy and accessibility.

With quality fixtures and a functional design, Layla’s master head is a testament to the vessel’s commitment to providing a well-thought-out living space, where both functionality and comfort are prioritized.


Layla’s aft cabins are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, offering cozy berths that provide a restful retreat for occupants. The comfortable berths are complemented by ample hanging storage, ensuring that personal belongings can be neatly organized and easily accessed.

Whether it’s a peaceful night’s sleep or a moment of relaxation, Layla’s aft cabins offer a welcoming and well-appointed space. The combination of comfortable berths and thoughtful storage solutions contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for those staying in these quarters. This design aligns with Layla’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and accommodating living environment for all aboard.


Layla’s design prioritizes convenience and privacy, exemplified by the day head that seamlessly connects to the port aft cabin. This clever arrangement allows for direct and private access to the bathroom facilities from the port aft cabin, enhancing the comfort and convenience for its occupants.

The inclusion of a shower in the day head further adds to the versatility and functionality of this space, providing a dedicated area for personal care. Whether utilized by the occupants of the port aft cabin or as a shared facility for guests, this configuration reflects Layla’s commitment to thoughtful and practical design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience onboard.


**Onboard Amenities and Equipment for Enhanced Exploration:**

Layla is equipped to enhance your sailing experience, both on and off the water, with a range of well-thought-out amenities and additional gear:

– **Inflatable Dinghy:** Layla comes with a West Marine Inflatable Dinghy, complete with a comfortable seat, an inflatable additional seat, and oars, providing a versatile and practical means of transport for excursions and exploring nearby shores.

– **8 hp Honda Outboard:** The inflatable dinghy is powered by an 8 hp Honda Outboard, a reliable 4-cycle engine, ensuring efficient and smooth transportation between the vessel and the shore.

– **Custom Stainless Steel Arch:** Layla features a custom stainless steel arch, serving multiple purposes. It includes fishing rod holders, frames for mounting three solar panels, and an integrated bimini, offering shade and protection from the elements while enjoying the cockpit.

– **Diesel Fuel Containers:** The vessel is equipped with nine 5-gallon diesel fuel containers, providing additional fuel capacity for extended journeys or remote locations.

– **Spares and Maintenance:** Layla is well-prepared with a comprehensive list of spares, including engine essentials like oil and fuel filters, glow plugs, belts, a bolt-on replacement alternator, regulator, impellers, as well as extra oil and coolant. Additional spares for plumbing, fuses, and rigging ensure readiness for any maintenance needs.

– **New Bottom Paint:** Layla’s hull has been freshly coated with new bottom paint as of May 2023, enhancing performance and protection against marine growth.

– **Custom Cockpit Cushions:** Comfort is key, and Layla features custom cockpit cushions, providing a plush and inviting seating area for relaxation or socializing on deck.

This comprehensive set of amenities and equipment showcases Layla’s commitment to ensuring a well-equipped and enjoyable sailing experience, both on the water and during shore excursions.