Where To Begin

Michelle WOWWhere to begin?  I have found over the last several years that too many new women sailors stepped away from sailing simply due to the lack of opportunity or access to sailing vessels.  Many have expressed interest in learning to sail  or perhaps even signed up for classes themselves but not having a boat themselves or access to a boat through a friend or organization have moved on to other activities that are easier to participate in doing.

 Here locally we have St Augustine Sailing Sisters (SASS)  whose mission is to be a part of the local group of sailing women as they encourage each other to see more, do more, be more and improve ourselves and others in our community.  We also have the St Augustine Yacht Club whose mission is to promote water related activities and education as well as safety in boating and conservation of marine natural resources.  Our program is not to compete with other sailing groups but to complement them.WOW Sailing

I think one of the best pieces of advice I have heard or have heard given is “practice, practice, practice”. I would have to say it is no different for sailing or sailing skills.   So this is were we find ourselves… the desire to sail, the interest in learning to sail, but not having access to a boat to practice under the guidance of a skilled instructor in order to become a skilled confident woman sailor.  WOW! came into existence to enhance the lives of women through education, practical application and access to sailing vessels in order to develop skills to sail with confidence.   Are you interested in how to get involved?

We invite women of all ages who are interested in sailing and a bit of adventure to register for any of our Workshops, Social Events and our monthly POW-WOW’s (Plan, Orchestrate & Work for Women on the Water) where we will be brainstorming ideas.  Email us at [email protected]