Jeff has been sailing since his mid 20’s.  He has accumulated a vast amount of expeirence racing, delivering, and teaching on sailboats ranging from small day-sailors to vessels over 100 feet in length.  A native from Michigan he has taught sailing in Brookline, ME, Hilton Head, NC, Annapolis, MC, numerous locations within Florida, the Bahmas, and USVI.

As a Master Rigger, Jeff worked in the boat building industry in the USVI, Maine, and throughout the U.S. East coast.  AS a professional yact racer with the Worlkd Sailing Federation, Jeff has participated in numerous regional and national regattas.  Jeff has traversed thousands of miles delivering boats from Novi Scotia, Guatemala, the Eastern Caribbean, an the U.S. Golf Coast.

As a captain and ASA certified instructor with St Augustine Sailing he has the opportunity to shape the skills of future sailors.

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