Membership with SailTime Northeast Florida

A sailing membership with SailTime Northeast Florida will bring you valuable skills, camaraderie with fellow sailors, opportunities for flotillas and races, and wonderful memories on the water! It is truly a ‘quality of life’ decision…

SailTime Classic Membership

  • Classic membership is 7 sails per month: essentially 1/8th of a boat’s available time. Not only do you have plenty of time allotted to you each month, but you can also bank time to string together a multi-day cruise. Classic Members can also jump on their boat with short notice using our “as available” 36-hour rule which waives the usage rules when you reserve your sailing time inside 36 hours of your departure time.

SailTime Lite Membership

  • A ‘half-membership’ that is perfect for new sailors or those with little time. A Lite membership offers 3 sail times every month: 2 during the week and 1 on the weekend. Lite members can purchase additional time within 24 hours, but cannot bank or trade times from month to month.

SailTime Premier Membership

  • Primarily used by a boat’s Owner-Member, Premier membership offers double the time of a Classic Membership: 14 sail times, a full week’s worth of time every month. As-available reservations are also available within 36 hours. (Interested in putting a vessel into the fleet? Give us a call at 904-829-0648

SailTime Weekday-Only Membership

  • An excellent membership choice for folks who are free to sail during the week, or don’t want to deal with the on-water weekend traffic of the weekend. Weekday-only membership offers 4 weekday uses every month, with the ability to purchase additional weekday sails on 24 hours’ notice. Weekday-Only members cannot reserve national holidays unless purchased with 24-hour as-available sailing.

We can teach you to sail in ASA class – helping you sail with confidence! Come live the sailing lifestyle in St. Augustine, Florida! Call for pricing –  904-829-0648…

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* ASA courses 101, 103 and 104 are required. ASA 114 additional requirement for catamaran membership.

Our office, St. Augustine Sailing Enterprises, offers ASA sailing school, captained charters, bareboat charters, a ‘small boat’ sailing club and membership sailing in SailTime Northeast Florida. We invite you to come and experience the wonder of sailing among the dolphins and manatees!

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