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Rudder Cut Cay ExumaHi. I am Rose Ann Points, majority owner of St Augustine Sailing where we provide ASA sailing instruction, sailing charters, a franchise “SailTime”, boat brokerage and other programs geared toward encouraging folks to get out on the water to go sailing. I have been around boating now for over 25 years and I’ve enjoyed sailing in a variety of locations ranging from coastal cruising, to cruising the Caribbean aboard mono-hulls, catamarans, and power boats.

I grew up in the Northwest, and enjoyed vacationing on the Columbia River fishing for sturgeon and salmon, but I would credit a snorkeling trip in Hawaii in 1992, aboard a sailboat “Silent Lady”, for changing my life. I didn’t know how to swim at the time, not much better now, but the feeling of peace while under sail was undeniable. As the sailing vessel made way through the ocean with the soft sounds of the water splashing against the hull I found myself daydreaming of what life could be like aboard her. The places we could go and people we could meet.  The sense of adventure thrilled me as I laid on deck basking in the sun.  When we arrived to our destination, Molokini Crater, for our snorkeling tour I was ready to jump in, with my flotation belt device around my waist, and explore the beauty the ocean had to offer.aboard Tranquillity

It’s hard to believe just 4 years later I was moving aboard a 41′ Morgan Out-Island Ketch “Tranquillity” with my children.  We had sold everything we owned and made our way East to Florida to search for our new home.  It took us about 2 months to find her all the while living out of hotels in South Florida. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t afraid of adventure and that is exactly what we got with Tranquillity. Once  we moved aboard, we decided to spend a few months taking short trips around the Florida Keys, Everglades National Park, Marquesas, and the Tortugas in order to get everyone comfortable with living on the boat together in small quarters, as well as gaining confidence in our own sailing abilities – or at least I thought.

Even now, some 25 years later, I battle with having confidence in my own abilities.  When I talk to people … it sure sounds like I know what I am doing with a 50 Ton Master Captains licenses but inside I am always struggling, doubting myself.  That is one of reasons I thought this group might be helpful for other women who might have the same conflict within themselves.   Our Mission – if you wish to accept it – is to enhance the lives of women through education, practical application and access to sailing vessels in order to develop skills to SAIL with confidence.

  • Support women who sail or want to learn to sail through social events;
  • Aim to organize educational sailing workshops geared toward developing confidence;
  • Involve women of all ages; and
  • Life experiences that bring a bit of adventure through sailing

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