Boat Show

St. Augustine Virtual Boat Show Available Now!
Tour and Test appointments available for March 12-15, 2021

The St. Augustine Virtual Boat Show promises to be the premier event for you, the serious sailor looking to own your dream boat. Make 2021 the year you buy the boat you deserve and set sail for all new adventures!

Here’s two easy steps to seamlessly make your sailboat selection:

Wet your sailing appetite with the impressive virtual previews of the new Jeanneau and Lagoon sailboats shown below.

Call us to schedule your own private TOUR AND TEST. We have multiple times available between March 12-15, 2021 for you to join us at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor in St. Augustine to personally tour the sailboats and even take one out for a test sail!

Contact us with any questions or to schedule your TOUR AND TEST today at:
(904) 829-0648(800) 683-7245

We are just a click away and are ready to get you and your family into the perfect sailing vessel. Let Rose Ann know what you are interested in and she will coordinate a detailed discovery to ensure smooth sailing. Just click here and you’re on your way! [email protected]

Our sponsors are excited to make sure that your boating experience is World Class – let’s set sail!